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COVID-19 Response


In support of continuing efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, Insight Climbing & Movement will be closed until the State of Washington determines it is safe for non-essential businesses to return to work. This is a difficult time for all of us, we are grateful for your ongoing support and understanding. 

As a small, local business, we have felt significant financial strain as a result of these events. We have heard from many people in our community who have asked how they can help us through these challenging times. There are multiple ways to help:


We're grateful to all of our EFT members who have continued supporting us by paying monthly dues. This is a huge help in keeping the business moving forward through this crisis. Thank you so much for the generosity, kind words, and support you continue to show us, it's keeping our spirits up and hearts full. 

Employee Support Fund

100% of funds donated to the Insight Climbing & Movement staff GoFundMe will go to ICM employees who lost work due to the COVID-19 closure. Big thanks to some generous community members for their work establishing this.

Buy a Punchcard

Our Helper Pack was designed as a low-cost way to support the gym, and in turn help us support under-served youth in our communities. Our 10 visit punch cards are also on sale! Any revenue generated during our closure helps support staff and keeps the lights on (but don't worry, we turned them all off!) until we open our doors again.

Online Reviews

Facebook and Google reviews are a great no-cost way to help small businesses! Spend a few minutes each day reviewing one business you really enjoy and want to help get back on their feet on the other side of this. Haven't reviewed us yet? You can find us on Google and Facebook. 

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and keep everyone posted with developments. Email us with any questions at In the meantime, order take out. Buy gift cards. Support the businesses you love so when the community opens back up, they do too. Be kind. Take care of yourself and those who need it. We can't wait to see you again soon.

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