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Visiting the Gym During COVID-19

Welcome back to Insight Climbing & Movement! Some things to know before your next visit:


  • Bainbridge Island and Bremerton gyms now open!

  • Open to all customers: members, punchcard, day pass

  • Adults and youth ages 6+ can visit (see restrictions below)

  • Summer Camps available

  • Reservations required (last minute reservations ok!)

Masks are required for staff and customers inside the facility. My mask protects you, your mask protects me.

Customers are required to keep 6 feet of distance between themselves and other customers. 

Wash hands prior to entering the gym. Hand sanitizer is located throughout the facility. 

No street shoes allowed in climbing areas. 

Only bring in items necessary for your visit. 

Bring your own water bottle! Drinking fountain is unavailable.

airPHX brand air sanitizers provide constant air and surface disinfection in both our Bainbridge and Bremerton gym locations. airPHX devices produce a proprietary blend of oxidizing molecules that are generated when ambient air goes through a plasma cell.  These are molecules that occur naturally in most environments, but airPHX produces them in a unique mixture and in levels that are both extremely effective in killing viruses (including COVID-19) and bacteria, and are well below safe levels as established by health regulations. airPHX units are medical-grade devices often used in hospitals to reduce viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air.

Additionally, we have implemented the following to support the health of our staff and customers:

  • Enhanced our cleaning protocols throughout the facility using CDC approved cleaning agents on all commonly touched surfaces.

  • Started requiring staff to do temperature checks and health screenings at the beginning of every shift.

  • Created a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan using guidance from the State of Washington, the CDC, the WHO, and the Climbing Wall Association, the organizing body for climbing gyms in North America. 

Q: Can I drop in for climbing anytime you're open?

A:  Currently, reservations are required at both gym locations. 1 hour 45 minute long sessions are available multiple times each day we are open. Climbers can sign up last-minute, and if you drop in and space is available in that session you will be allowed to climb. However, we strongly recommend making a reservation to ensure your spot.

Q: How are you supporting social distancing in the gym?

A:  We have incorporated several new policies to support social distancing, all with the effort of preserving the social aspect of climbing which is important to so many of us. First, we are limiting capacity in the gym in line with guidance from the State of Washington. Second, we are enforcing a lane of 6-10 feet between all rope climbing. This may include blocking off certain ropes from use or asking climbers to adhere to climbing on every-other anchor. Third, the bouldering areas have been separated into zones, with 1 climber allowed per zone at a time to ensure 6 feet of distance is maintained between climbers.

Q: How are you cleaning the holds and walls?

A:  Much like visiting the grocery store where many people might touch an item before you, the climbing walls and holds will have many people touch them between cleanings. To assist with cleaning, we have installed AirPHX air sanitizers in both gym locations which kills viruses (including coronavirus) and bacteria in the air AND on surfaces in as little as 60 minutes. And because current CDC and WHO guidelines tell us COVID-19's main path of transmission is airborne, not surface contact, we are requiring masks to be work at all times to a) reduce the likelihood of person to person transmission, b) reduce the amount of particles people are breathing onto the holds, c) reduce the likelihood of touching your nose and mouth while in the facility.  

Q: How many reservations can I book?

A:  There is currently no limit on how many reservations you can book per week.

Q: Are there any age requirements for who can climb in the gym right now?

A:  Presently, anyone ages 14+ can sign up for any of our Climbing Reservations. Youth between the ages of 6-13 are allowed to climb in the facility in the following ways:

  • as part of an instructor-led program such as a summer camp

  • attend a Climbing Reservation session if they are a member and accompanied by an adult member

  • accompanied by a paying adult in our Family Climbing Reservation (this is the only way a non-member youth can visit the gym outside one of our programs).

Adults can monitor no more than 2 children in the facility. Youth under 6 are not able to visit Insight at this time.

Q: Can I bring a friend/relative to watch me climb?

A:  Given our limited capacity, no spectators are allowed in the building at this time. Youth climbers in our Family Climbing reservations must be accompanied by an adult with a paid reservation.

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See Reservations for availability. All climbing by reservation only.O

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See Reservations for availability. All climbing by reservation only.O


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