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Insight Climbing Sport & Speed USAC Virtual Qualifying Event (VQE)

When: 4/12/21-4/25/21

Where: Insight Climbing - Bainbridge Island 

You have two options: 1) climb during our general operating hours OR 2) make a reservation during our VQE-only climbing slots from 9am-12pm April 17 & 18.


How do I register?

First, register for the comp with USAC. Second, choose a time to climb:

  1. VQE-specific blocks 4/17 & 4/18  OR

  2. Drop in climbing weekdays before 3pm OR

  3. Reservation climbing weekdays after 3pm & weekends

How much does it cost?

In addition to paying any applicable USAC registration fees, ALL COMPETITORS AND NON-CLIMBING SUPERVISORS entering the gym will pay admission:

  • Climber: ages 14+ = $18, ages 13 & under = $14

  • Non-climbing youth supervisor: $12

  • Coaches employed at local gyms: no charge

  • Non-supervising spectators: not allowed

Do I need a reservation?

Competitors will have a few options to climb:

  1. DEDICATED VQE CLIMBING BLOCKS: We're happy to offer two specific reservation blocks which will be open ONLY to VQE competitors and coaches on Saturday 4/17 from 9am-12pm, and Sunday 4/18 from 9am-12pm. Climbers can stay as long as they wish within that block, and will be required to leave at 12pm. NOTE: a limited number of volunteer belayers will be available during these blocks if your climber needs a belayer!

  2. WEEKDAYS BEFORE 3PM: The gym is open for drop-in climbing before 3pm (operating hours listed at the bottom of the page)

  3. WEEKDAYS AFTER 3PM & WEEKENDS: Reservations are required after 4pm weekdays and all day on weekends. Remember, EVERYONE entering the facility has to have a reservation to be allowed in. Reservation blocks are 1 hour 45 minutes in length. If there is room in the following session, climbers are allowed to stay longer - inquire with Front Desk Staff when you arrive. If you are supervising a child under the age of 14, you need to make a reservation for yourself too! Anyone without a reservation may be denied entry if our capacity is full.

My child is under 14 years old. What do I need to know?

Climbers under the age of 14 must be supervised by someone over the age of 14 inside the facility. Due to COVID capacity restrictions, EVERYONE ENTERING THE FACILITY WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY. If you are attending the VQE-only sessions on 4/17 and 4/18 from 9am-12pm, your team coach can act as the supervisor for your child, so you do not need to enter unless you are needed for belaying or recording. Even if you don't come inside the facility, you can view your child climbing as all comp routes have good visibility through our extensive front and back windows. 

What type of climbing will be available at this VQE?

The Insight Climbing & Movement comp will offer both a Virtual Top Rope Redpoint and a Virtual Speed Trial. All comp routes will be climbed via Top Rope or Autobelay. Comp routes will be labeled per USAC guidelines. A 10m speed route climbed on autobelay will be available.

What are the belaying policies at your gym?

We'll be following our standard guidelines during the comp. All belayers:

  • must be 14+

  • must pass a belay test with an Insight staff member prior to belaying

  • are required to belay using our fixed GriGri's

Note: we will try to get people belay tested as close to the beginning of their session time as possible, but please be aware you will not be able to belay in the gym until you have been tested by a staff member.

I'm a certified USAC Coach accompanying my climbers. What do I need to know?

USAC Coaches who are employees of local gyms will not be charged admission. However, capacity restrictions are in place and coaches will count towards the capacity. If you are accompanying climbers in our VQE sessions, after 3pm weekdays, or all day on weekends you MUST make a reservation or you may be turned away if we are full.

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